To book an in-person reading in Oakville, Ontario, email or call 416-885-4601. For a remote readings via Skype/FaceTime/Phone, contact me directly or click here to book online.

Your tarot reading includes…

  • A live and in-depth professional Tarot reading that offers practical information and intuitive guidance, including:

    • My customized 15-card spread that I’ve developed over 30 years of reading cards professionally

    • Unlimited additional cards pulled from the top and bottom of the deck

    • An opportunity to ask as many questions as you’d like, with 3 cards pulled for every answer

  • A picture and recording of your reading emailed to you

  • FREE follow-up questions

A professional tarot reading with me gives you the insight and guidance you need!

Imagine if you could…

  • Get help with issues around money, relationships and how to heal yourself?

  • Discover your purpose?

  • Learn what's blocking you from reaching your potential?

  • Make difficult decisions with certainty?

  • Have your very own psychic on speed dial?

I’m confident you’ll love working with me because my mission is to help you reach your potential in all areas of your life. Your reading will tell the story of you, showing you the possibilities and potential obstacles affecting you today. You’ll get insight on what will likely happen based on current circumstances as well as options to help you create a different outcome, creating the life you want.

The truth about Tarot…

Tarot isn’t about predicting your future soulmate’s name or the winning lottery numbers - and it’s never, ever all. Tarot helps you define your desired direction, explore the current energies that surround you and understand the likely outcome if a path is followed.

You'll get clarity about your situation and the steps required to create your best future.

My customized spread incorporates a minimum of 20 cards (there is no maximum - that’s up to the reading!) and all readings include unlimited questions at the end. Every live reading includes a recording of the session, a picture of the spread (for remote readings), and free follow-up questions.

In a reading, you draw me the map (based on your energy) and I help you navigate it. Ultimately, you have free will and can decide which path to take. We’ll work together to discover what hasn’t become known to you (yet) and empower you with the confidence to make informed decisions about your future.

More than just a Tarot card reading…

All Tarot card readings include a recording of the reading emailed to you, a photo of your reading and FREE follow-up questions.

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Why people love Tarot Lori

Lori has been providing Tarot card readings to myself and some friends for almost 20 years. The intuition she provides when reading the cards is uncanny and always resonates with my life circumstances. These readings have been a source of healing, direction, and comfort in both joyful and turbulent times. I can’t praise her abilities enough and look forward to 20 more years of readings!

Shannon B

I have loved every reading I have ever had with Lori. So much wisdom and tangible insight. The information learned from Lori & Tarot has helped me trust my intuition and given me the confidence needed when making tough life decisions. She has been an essential part of my journey.

Michelle P

It’s like having a psychic on speed dial! She got me unstuck by helping me see a different angle to the problem I had been struggling with for a long time. She helped me get out of my own way (big time), and inspired me to go from inaction to action, at the right time. 

 Barb T

My reading with Lori was amazing! She conveys the messages from the reading in a way that is lighthearted and full of positive guidance. I've gone back several times to listen to the recording of our session and continually get more insight. Love her!

Janet G

 You can Google “Tarot Lori” to read more reviews!