Tarot 101

Tarot 101

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Learn the basics of Tarot at your own pace with this practical, fun, and informative class, which includes comprehensive cheat sheets for easy reference. This beginner’s guide to Tarot answers all of your questions and gets you on the road to reading Tarot cards - for yourself and others! (Scroll down for more details)

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What do I get?

8 LESSONS taking your through the following:

Class Outline:

  • Lesson One: What Tarot Is NOT

  • Lesson Two: What Tarot IS

  • Lesson Three: The Importance of Intention

  • Lesson Four: Major Arcana

  • Lesson Five: Minor Arcana

  • Lesson Six: Reversals

  • Lesson Seven: How to Kick-start Your Intuition With Tarot

  • Lesson Eight: Essential Tarot Exercises