Tarot Masterclass

Tarot Masterclass


If you’re already doing readings and want to deepen your practice, this is the best class for you. Join me for a Tarot deep dive and go at your own pace. You’ll learn my exclusive, one-of-a-kind Tarot by Eve 15-card spread, how to create your own Tarot spread, how to get clients, the secret to asking the perfect question - and so much more! (scroll down for more details and class outline)

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What do I need for class?

All you need is your Tarot deck, an internet connection, and an open mind.

What do I get?

Class Outline:

Part One: Deepening Your Tarot Practice

  • Lesson One: The Importance of Storytelling (and why it’s the key to Tarot)

  • Lesson Two: Connect With and Trust Your Intuition

  • Lesson Three: Crafting the Perfect Question

  • Lesson Four: Etheric Cords (what are they, how to spot them, learn to cut them)

  • Lesson Five: The Key to Creating Your Own Spread

  • Lesson Six: The Customized Tarot by Eve Spread

Part Two: How to Get Paid for Tarot

  • Lesson One: What to Know Before Going Pro

  • Lesson Two: The Ethics of Tarot Card Reading

  • Lesson Three: Finding Clients (who will pay!)

  • Lesson Four: How to Price Your Readings

  • Lesson Five: Dealing With Difficult Clients or Readings

  • Lesson Six: Marketing Yourself as a Professional Tarot Card Reader

What Students Are Saying…

I've been doing tarot for about 5 years and Eve helped me really take my readings to the next level so I feel more confident doing tarot at events and for paying customers. Definitely recommend!

Grace P, New York

This was the perfect workshop for where I'm on my tarot journey - as always, it was a day filled with warmth, insight, and of course humour. 

Sandy B, Portland