Are you new to Tarot and not sure where to begin?

TAROT 101 is the perfect prerequisite before starting Tarot for Everyone. We’re all intuitive and Tarot is a great tool to help you access your higher wisdom (aka intuition). This practical guide gives you the basics of what Tarot is and how it can guide you to the answers you need to manifest your future.

You will learn:

  • What Tarot is

  • What Tarot is not

  • How to kickstart (and trust!) your intuition

  • What is the Major Arcana

  • What is the Minor Arcana

  • Reversals

  • Intention

  • Rituals

You will get:

  • A link to my exclusive Tarot 101 online workshop

  • Printable cheat sheets for every card in the deck

  • Exercises to access your intuition

Tarot 101 is the definitive guide on all things Tarot. When you order TAROT FOR EVERYONE you will receive Tarot 101 for FREE. Or, you can order it separately here.