If you’re….

  • feeling stuck

  • needing to make a tough decision

  • wanting to find or improve a love relationship

  • looking for your life’s purpose

  • ready to make a change in your career

  • panicking as life seems to fall apart around you

...then I’m here for you!

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Being a Tarot reader for over 30 years, I’ve learned a few things…


Tarot isn’t fortune telling or cheesy gimmicks. It’s about hooking into your energy to help you figure out your purpose and reach your potential. It’s about facing challenges with clarity and courage. It’s about finding the fun in your life and being the designer of your dreams. My mission is to enlighten, inspire and empower you with Tarot. People describe what I do as powerful, healing and hilarious. Let me show you why...


Tarot Card Readings

Get clarity about what is unfolding for you with a professional Tarot card reading or Tarot Party (aka Spiritual Soiree). My readings are insightful, accurate and relevant to whatever challenges you’re facing today, questions you need answered or nudges required to help you live your best life. I also offer FREE follow-up questions!

Learn to Read Tarot

I’ll teach you the fastest and easiest way to learn Tarot so you can start reading your cards TODAY. Instead of memorizing the cards, I’ll share my tips and tricks to help you learn the story behind each one. Learn my practical strategies and proven techniques to help you access (and trust!) your intuition using Tarot. Get a FREE gift with purchase!

Buy Unique Products

Tarot Lori products are a modern interpretation of Tarot (rooted in the Rider Waite tradition) that expand beyond the usual Tarot 101 definitions. The “Woo Woo Without the Cuckoo” signature tarot deck features beautifully hand-painted illustrations that tell the meaning behind the message of each card in a really intuitive, inclusive, practical way.