The secret to reading tarot cards is easy…

Anyone can read Tarot cards - it doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful or bonkers. This course is the easiest, fastest way to become a confident, amazing and intuitive Tarot card reader.

I've read thousands of clients globally over 30 years and I know what it takes to become a confident and insightful Tarot reader. And I've seen what's possible when you learn how to read the cards intuitively.

The thought of memorizing 78 cards is daunting...and totally unnecessary! Tarot is a tool for tapping into your intuition. I’ve taught thousands of people just like you how to gain a very personal, authentic and relevant connection to the cards. Tarot is more than a cool trick or fake fortune telling. It helps you find the answers you seek and take control over your life.  

You will learn how to…

… understand the cards accurately without relying on a book

… recognize patterns between the cards and how they offer messages or tell a story

… develop your own interpretation of the Tarot independent of any card definitions

… use an easy 3-card spread to answer questions with confidence

Rather than memorizing a bunch of cards, this practical workshop covers how the stories behind Tarot are woven together to create an insightful reading that gives you the answers you need. With cheatsheets and  this is the most comprehensive workshop to learn how to read Tarot cards. 

And, when you buy Tarot for Everyone you'll also get Tarot 101, the best introduction to all things Tarot.

What people are saying about Tarot for Everyone:

I wish I'd taken this course years ago! I finally get how to read tarot cards without using the book that came with my deck. Now the messages from the cards just flow out of me and this workshop is the reason why - highly recommended!

Lisa B., Seattle

With Lori’s course I was able to learn at my own pace and get comfortable reading tarot cards. She is so wise and really funny. When I practice readings on my friends they notice a difference. Having the money-back guarantee made me feel better about buying it, but I definitely didn't need it!

Katrina R., Chicago

Tarot for Everyone is the easiest, fastest way to become a confident, amazing and intuitive Tarot card reader.