About Me

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I know firsthand how powerful and profound Tarot can be.

I’m an Intuitive Consultant with over 30 years of experience working with clients around the world. My workshops and motivational talks guide people to tap into their potential using their intuition.

With a mission is to inspire, enlighten and empower, I’m a big believer that the answers you’re looking for are already within you – I’m simply using Tarot cards to help you access them while clearing any energetic traffic jams along the way.

This isn’t fortune telling or cheesy gimmicks—it’s about hooking into your energy to help you figure out your purpose and reach your potential. It’s about facing challenges with clarity and courage. It’s about finding the fun in your life and being the designer of your dreams.

I’m passionate about using my skills and experience to help you uncover the secret weapon you didn’t know you needed (and already had). Everyone walks away from my readings feeling energized, inspired and empowered to take action—from baby steps to big leaps.

People have described what I do as powerful, motivating, healing and hilarious—I call it “woo woo without the cuckoo”.

What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!


Still have questions? Email me at info@tarotlori.com


What People Are Saying About Tarot Lori:

I recently had my second tarot session with Lori via Skype - the first one was also via Skype a little over a year ago. She has a natural, easy way of interpreting the cards and their meanings with intuitive analogies. She has a beautiful, loving and humorous spirit that makes you feel at ease even through the distance. She is always upbeat and positive. I would highly recommend a tarot reading with her if you are thinking of having it done! I wish I lived closer to have one in person!
— Rhonda P.
I’ve had several remote sessions with Lori, and all of them have been incredibly accurate, insightful, and a little freaky. She is talented beyond words, very kind, and freaking funny. Could not recommend more!
— Aliya B.
Lori is so relaxed and friendly in her approach and I immediately felt comfortable with her. She is very intuitive and insightful, I really enjoyed our session.
— Val R.
Whenever there is a fork in the road, Lori’s insights never fail to empower and inspire. Ultimately, we have to do the work and make choices. Lori makes it easier to do so. She is a trusted and intuitive advisor.
— Nadine G.